Kompen have started to production of PVC Window Profiles at its own facilities situated in Lâdik district, Sarayönü, Konya, Türkiye, in 1996.

Kompen has the first integrated production facilities that is able to produce U-PVC profiles, Window&Door Systems and Double Glazing Units all together in one-place. It continues to its activities in 40.000 m² closed and in 132.700 m² total open area. It has multiplied its production capacity to 15 times from 2500 tones per year to 30.000 -35.000 tones per year and it has been a challenger trying to be a pioneer in the market since its establishment.

Kompen is in everywhere. There are about 550 dealer able to assembling window untis in domestic sales controlled by Central-Konya, Marmara, Ege district Sales offices and with the help of Bursa and Ankara Contact Ofices. There are export sales to over 30 overseas countries; i.e. from far East to west, and in African and Arabic Countries.

“Complete Quality” is the main factor for Kompen with approved dometic and overseas Quality Certificates and CE labelling. It designs the window profile according to requirements of RAL – German and to TSE-Turkish standarts. The profiles and window systems have been tested also by RAL, SKZ, ift-Rosenheim, TSE, INCERC-ROMANIA, GOST-Russia, UKR-Cepro-Ukraine etc.

Kompen pioneered the sector in many aspects. It was the first integrated facility have ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certificate for the production of U-PVC profiles, window systems and for double glazing units In 1998. It continued to success by getting international quality certificates like INCERC, GOST, IFT, RAL, UKR-Cepro .

Kompen received the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2003 and won the TSE Quality Award in 2004. It awarded by the certificates of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management and by ISO 14001:2008 certificate for Environmental Quality Management System in 2009. It also added TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certificate for its facilities in 2010.

Kompen keeps its “Complete Quality” approach to increase service quality. In 2006 and 2007, Kompen was awarded the Consumer Quality Award by Consumer Magazine. Moreover, Kompen won the Golden Brand Award in 2007 and 2009 of The Association for Protecting All Consumers, whose center is located in Istanbul.

Kompen Corporation, is the first company to get CASE certificate in PVC sector in April 2009, as part of the “EU-Turkey Chambers Platform” Project, which was carried out by Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Eurochambers.

Kompen profiles have a great success in artificial wheatring test to 12 GJ equal to Sun effective energy and climatic cycles.

R&D department developed the first 4-chamber window system of Turkey with heat transmittance coefficient K= 1,3 W/ m².°K in 2002.

5-chamber window system, KOM 900, with K= 1,1 W/ m².°K started to production in 2006 to decrease theenergy cost of the customers.

Kompen gain the appreciation of the window market by its inovations to save energy-cost, for low-energy houses and for old building renovations. Its latest incomparable products are “advance” and “Noble” window systems with triple-sealing. They have the increased profile depths and chamber; 81 mm depth with 6 chamber for advance, 91 mm depth with 7 chamber for Noble. Larger glazing systems; i.e. 24 mm –to- 44 mm, can be used for both system. You can also reach to 44 dB sound-isolation by acoustic-glazing systems.

“Advance” has very Low profile Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uf= 1,2 W/ m² °K, and has very Low Window Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uw= 1,0 W/ m² °K, (with triple glazing Ug= 0.6 W/ m² °K) . It has 81 mm profile depth 6-Chambered frames and mullion coupled by 91 mm depth 7-chambered sash profiles having 3 mm- wall thickness: A-Class, with triple-sealing system.

“Noble” also has very Low profile Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uf= 1,1 W/ m² ° K, and has very Low Window Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uw= 0,97 W/ m² °K, (with triple glazing Ug= 0.6 W/ m² °K) . It has 91 mm profile depth in all 7-Chambered frame and sash profiles having 3 mm- wall thickness: A-Class, with triple-sealing system.

Kompen enriches its portfolio to meet the ever growing construction sector, and offers alternative solutions, which fit to all parts of the society, to its consumers with the idea of “Complete Quality”.