KOM 800


In order to use even the narrowest spaces of your living spaces in a more functional form, Kompen produces the KOM 800 Formline Sliding Series. Formline, single and double rail door window systems provide high heat savings and sound isolation with glass mounting options from 4 mm to 20 mm. With its horizontally moving wing system, it also removes space losses. The special nails on the wall connection of the frame profiles provide ease of installation. In addition, 45 degree cuts at the corners refresh your home. The wings of double-rail systems in the series can move in dual, triple and quadruples, allowing the system to integrate screens, wings and shutters when required. With single-rail KOM 803 and KOM 503 meeting rail profiles, you can achieve a spacious and bright environment by reducing unnecessary wing usage. Formline series maximizes comfort and coziness in your home by its design, different foil, color and pattern options.


1.Has maximum resistance against impacts, wind load, atmospheric and climate conditions.

2.Functionally and robustly used for years without deterioration. 

3.It is easy to use and clean.

4.Preserves its natural color for many years. 

5.It appeals to every taste with different color options.

6.The sloped edge in the profiles is designed to prevent the accumulation of rainwater flowing from the glass by floating down the profile and preventing stains.

7.The chamber system maximizes heat and sound insulation, while minimizing energy loss and noise pollution.

8.It is possible to use 3-6 mm single glazing or 20 mm thick double glazing in the profiles.

9.The wing slackness is prevented by screwing the hinges onto the support plates on the case and on the wings.

10.Provides maximum efficiency for insulation and water drainage with its excellent design.

11.Happiness is always a standart in Kompen with its rapid and effective service and the idea of complete quality, complete system.