For low energy houses and for old-building renovations to save energy-cost. 

For use in high buildings and business centers.

To use in window, balcony and room seperations.

3 mm Wall - thickness; A Class

Extra Profile Depth Frame Profiles: 91 mm

Extra Profile Depth Sash Profiles: 91 mm

Triple sealing system

Smart profile geometry, aesthetics, functionality, and extra chamber: 7 chambers

Extra peace. Improved sound isolation by different acoustic glass applications: 44 dB

Suitable for 24 mm – 32 mm – 44 mm glazing and panel.

High strength provided by reinforcement profiles with high moment of inertia.

Increased energy saving. Have more water-wind load resistance, and have more water and air leakeages.

Very high energy saving; optimal living spaces warm in winter, cool in summer.

Very Low Profile Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uf= 1,1 W/ m² ° K,

Very Low Window Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uw= 0,97 W/ m² ° K, (with triple glazing Ug= 0.6 W/ m² ° K)

Prevents heat losses due to glass in large size windows.

The wing slot support plate, to which the hinges are attached, to absorb the wing load.

Wide laminating options with natural wooden and aluminum like patterns, suitable for indoor and outdoor faces to be in different aesthetics. 

New color chart: Anthracite Gray, Azul, Antique Oak, Rustic Oak, Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut and rich aluminum effect patterns suitable to facade architecture: Aluminum Brush Effect, Silver Brush Effect, Quartz Platinum, Crown Platinum.

Improved anti-theft resistance.

Improved TPV sealing system in ice blue and black colors, which defies years and seasons.

Heat-insulated and hygienic corner turning systems; non sweating, heat-insulated box profile and angled corner turn adapter that prevents the growth of mold and mushroom spores.

Improved options with comfort and usage preferences that meet your needs, like single opening, double opening, double wings opening, secure opening, remote controlled opening and ventilation, pivot, parallel sliding, folding door along with screens, window shades, monoblock and outside installed blinds and shutters. 

Extra glossy, premium surfaces that you will not stop looking at, built from homogeneous, scratch-free, smooth profiles which are produced with Ultra-Fine Tuning Technology moulds.

We provide alternatives with different strength and usage options by making a site survey depending on the location of your project and calculating the wind load to your windows.