KOM 600


The Kom 600 Thermoline, with its 4 chamber system, provides high performance in heat and sound insulation. 42 decibel sound insulation, 1.5 w/ m²K heat transmission coefficient are among the most important features of KOM 600 Thermoline. The KOM 600 Thermoline series offers a high-security locking system and non yellowing colors for years, allowing you to use any color you want at home with its rich color options.


1.Has maximum resistance against impacts, wind load, atmospheric and climate conditions.

2.Functionally and robustly used for years without deterioration. 

3.It is easy to use and clean.

4.Preserves its natural color for many years. 

5.It appeals to every taste with different color options.

6.The sloped edge in the profiles is designed to prevent the accumulation of rainwater flowing from the glass by floating down the profile and preventing stains.

7.The chamber system maximizes heat and sound insulation, while minimizing energy loss and noise pollution.

8.Profiles have the possibility of using 3-6 mm single glazing or 24 mm thick ısıcam and attaching up to 32 mm of ısıcam with additional adapter lath.

9.The wing slackness is prevented by screwing the hinges onto the support plates on the case and on the wings.

10.Provides maximum efficiency for insulation and water drainage with its excellent design.

11.Happiness is always a standart in Kompen with its rapid and effective service and the idea of complete quality, complete system.